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Antique Staffordshire Mantle Dogs, Pair of Pekingese with Blue Bows, Late 19th Century

Antique Staffordshire Mantle Dogs, Pair of Pekingese with Blue Bows, Late 19th Century

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I don’t think you could find a more regal pair than these  Antique Staffordshire Pekingese.

Pekingese, originally bred in China, were favorites of aristocrats and royalty with their ‘lion manes’ and luxurious tales.

In 1860, during the Second Opium War, the Xianfeng Emperor fled his palace leaving behind five Pekingese that were discovered by British soldier Captain John Hart Dunne. Upon returning to England, he gifted one to Queen Vitoria, and the pup named, Looty lived with her in the palace. 

These pieces, hand painted in lush shades of caramel and cream with their cobalt blue bows, are the picture of English decor.  

I acquired them from an unbelievably posh estate where the lady of the house surrounded herself with Chinese porcelain, French antiques, and Staffordshire pieces. She was known in the elite circles of Austin for her well curated home and one-of-kind pieces collected throughout the years. She loved to entertain and her charity work with the Austin Junior League. It’s said that invitations to her soirées were coveted to see the decor.

These pups were used as bookends to a collection of antique English books on a shelf. It was perfection! 

Each measures approximately 8” wide x 7.5” tall x 4”d and is in lovely estate condition. You can see in the pictures there is a dime-sized hole on the bottom, a small hole on the back of the neck with small pin-prick size firing holes, as well. All of these are indications of age. 

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