You Meet The Neatest People At Estate Sales...

You Meet The Neatest People At Estate Sales...

Y'all...when I found these I was ecstatic!! I  A lady at the sale saw what I had and said, "Girl, you lucked out. It's hard to find a good Culver" and let me tell you she is not wrong!  Now any time I bring home glasses my husband will ask if they're Culvers.  When I say, no, he says, "well, you know what they say..." You guessed it !😉😂  I love to go to Estate Sales, Flea Markets, and oh my gosh I just got back from Round come across the neatest people.  I always feel I'm with my people who get IT...they get why I love all this stuff because usually they feel the same way.  It's the same way I feel at Graceland but that's a whole other story 😁

So here they are...the famous Culver glasses that will forever be the standard my husband will measure all glasses against: 

It's a FANTASTIC set of five gilt low ball whiskey glasses in the Hollywood Regency "Scroll" pattern circa late 1950s- early 1960s.

They feature intricately ornate 22-karat gold filigree scroll work in an arched pattern with vibrant orange detail and are signed, Culver. The script signature is indicative of their age. Of all the colors the glasses were made in, the orange is one of the hardest to find. They are the perfect  pieces to display on a tray atop a credenza or on a bar cart. I actually have a gold gilt Italian piece that would be FAB paired with them. Hmmm....maybe I should get a pic of that 🙄

They are truly stunning!  Don't you feel like you're in an episode of Mad Men?

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